We couldn’t sleep in it with the fumes! Love it. Don’t forget to put the samples next to your newly painted blue cabinets. Why waste the time to have to redo them yet again? Nov 30, 2014 - Red Oak with Jacobean Stain THIS IS THE ONE! Rated 5 out of 5 by crc1 from Love this stuff I've used Minwax stains in many different colours for many different projects and they all turned out amazing. To me the mixture looks perfect! Will never do I think again. Minwax® Wood Putty Walnut/924 For Use With Minwax® Wood Finish™ Walnut/924. Let’s face it, either one of those colors is 1000% better than the orange I currently have. So my decision as come down to Dark Walnut…, …or a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut to 1 part Special Walnut…, Interestingly, in those two pictures, the Dark Walnut appears to have more red in it. Hope this helps. Says “I’m a site-finished floor, not a pre-finished floor”. Special Walnut 224. I think the weathered oak cut out a lot of the redness. I have it on white oak floors and everyone who walks into my house immediately comments on them. It’s warmer and slightly more traditional, but both are winners! I suggest testing it on the old floor since it will take differently, and do the prep work on the wood, there will be a difference. But I’m not going to drag this decision out and agonize over the choices. So keep the posts, videos, etc. But I do think this gives a very good idea of the colors. Huge, actually. We added the ebony to help 'mask' the red in the oak. I was afraid at first that the special walnut would not be dark enough, but once the floors were finished and the top coats went on, I fell in love. Model: 70014 Part Number: 101346 UPC: 027426700147 Qty Available: 131 Case Pack: 1. Save Photo. If you want it darker, there may be options if: Don't use Miniwax or any stain that is also a sealer. Dust/pet hair also shows more on darker floors. Grey Hardwood Floors Image By Amanda On Floor In 2020 Wood Floor. Explore. Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on Dark floor. Whats people lookup in this blog: Minwax Stain For White Oak Floors; Minwax Stain Colors On White Oak Floors I feel like it kinda falls between dark walnut and special walnut on a darkness scale, but has less red. -yup! Have you considered doing 2 parts dark and 1 part special? 09/11/2020 20:12 Subject: Minwax Jacobean or Dark Walnut floor stain? Top is 50/50 Jacobean and Classic Gray. Kristy…As you know, the top coat you use, will change the color of the wood…so, I would also topcoat these sample boards…Kudos to you…for all you do! 1 Qt Minwax 70014 Jacobean Wood Finish Oil-Based Wood Stain $ 12.95. I was trying to send you a link to a fantastic hardwood floor blog written by a hardwood floor contractor who tests the different hardwood floor topcoats, including the hardwax oils that someone had mentioned (Rubio Monocoat.) Copyright 2007-2019 - Kristi Linauer, LLC. Try mixing Jacobean and Special Walnut. Third: Aniline dyes are known to penetrate the best. – probably white), and the dark walnut on the floors in Greenville. Thanks! Minwax Wood Finish is an oil-based wood stain that provides long-lasting wood tone color, seals and protects wood. Weathered oak and and Classic Gray did not cover the red in the cedar enough. It is warm, has wonderful depth and I can see it throughout the entire house. I’m not so sure about the dark stains. (total agreement, the Jacobean really fell short on my floors – maybe it’s better on white oak) Love it! I wonder if I can do the same…strip it and restain. Duraseal and Minwax are owned by the same company – Minwax. I needed something to neutralize the red in the cedar. Kitchen w/ honed granite counters, walnut stools, cabinets painted BM Dove White, oak flooring w/ Minwax Jacobean stain Example of a classic kitchen design in Chicago floor jacobean minwax. If I had to pick a color today though i would pick the dark walnut. When it is done the pores are sealed and a second coat will not get it any darker, other brands that don't have sealers can sometimes go just a smidge darker with a second coat. I LOVE the mixture stain. Get a better stain! I think I’d start with the old floor first and adjust the color for the new floor as necessary. Plus, for us, living on one income, raising four teens, means it is imperative to do as much of own work as possible. Walnut cabinetry offers the perfect tone to warm things up, Woodipedia: Walnut Wows in Traditional and Modern Settings, Kitchen of the Week: A Dark Kitchen Brightens Up, Kitchen of the Week: Goodbye, Honey Oak — Hello, Minty Green, Reader Project: California Kitchen Joins the Dark Side, Conquer That Blank Wall With a Versatile Picture Ledge, New This Week: 3 Modern Kitchens That Rock Warm Wood Cabinets, New to Kitchens? If you’re using Minwax, I like the half ‘n’ half mixture. Hi Kristi. Dec 22, 2018 - Duraseal jacobean, dark walnut and red mahogany on red oak. While it’s beautiful on a small sample, I’m trying to imagine it on all of the hardwood floors in my entire house. We were did test colors on the wood first to make sure it didn't end up black. The waterpopping technique is the only way to try and stain maple a dark color, if you should ever encounter that task. It has the right balance and looks great with your colors in the room. Fruitwood. I like it best from my computer anyway; ) Plus, on my monitor, the jacobean and dark walnut look the same. originally had intended going with jacobean. Discover (and save!) I prefer the mixture also. I’m sure I could watch videos on youtube, but much prefer following you. Hubby and I have done a few houses and we leave the flooring until last just for the ease of cleaning up-if you splatter a bit of paint on the old flooring? It just seems like I remember you hating minwax stains, as do I. I agree with you on your favorites: Dark Walnut or the 50/50 Dark/Special. (2020 Interim), Filling 3 foot gap between kitchen cabinets and ceiling. Like you, I had also tried the regular Minwax stains (Dark Walnut, Jacobean, and mixed with Ebony) but they just fell short of what I was looking for; a dark, rich warm tone that is more dark brown than red or black. I was wondering, did you try mixing Jacobean and Special Walnut. May 3, 2018 - Minwax stain colors tested on red oak hardwood flooring - Jacobean,, Dark Walnut, Special Walnut - 1 #woodfloor #walnuthard .. Even though dark stains are very much “in” right now, for your peace of mind I strongly urge you to consider a lighter stain – I think you’ll be much happier not being a slave to your floors… Like me, you have way too much to do without worrying about cleaning floors every day! Click here to see how they turned out…. But I wanted my Greenville floors to be different. And there is absolutely no difference in the areas of the floor now that the stain and finish are on. Redroze has a lovely very dark wood floor through her home. Jacobean stain on white oak More Love Your Wood Flooring For Life - Kashian Brothers. Random Posts. This is the gorgeous Douglas fir pantry doors with 50% Minwax Golden Oak coats and 50% Minwax Early American with the Jacobean, Classic Grey stained Red Oak floors. They are not too dark and the wood grain really pops. Kristi, I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of years, and feel a kindred spirit!! Jul 11, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by rachael collier. You then have to sand to get the grain back down, and then another coat gets it a little darker. Did I mention, I have four teenagers living at home, too. (Personally in my next place with hardwoods I’m doing that whitewashed/Norwegian-ish stain color ). It is an oil based wood finish. ... Top Is 50 50 Jacobean And Classic Gray Bottom Is 75 Classic Gray. this pic is a little grayer than the others at this project - aimeeklundt5 . We refinished our floors last year in February and had to leave the house for the night. It applies easily and … So my favorites are Dark Walnut stain and the mixture of Special Walnut stain and Dark Walnut stain. On red oak, it just falls flat. We used Minwax Dark Walnut on red oak and were very pleased with the results. Minwax is crap, at least for nice oak floors like you have). It delivered rich, dark brown tones. Can be used to enhance any bare or stripped wood surface. First and foremost, WaterPopping. the fret work you did for your doors was awesome). Target Inspired Home Decor .. Have you considered English Chestnut? It is gray in color with warm undertones. Home Decor Styles. Added to the fact, my being raised in the country, where we built our own home additions, barns, fences, etc., it is kind of ingrained. I like the mixture. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is a really balanced medium brown tone. Also, the rooms are awash with exclusively white or cream walls, rugs and furniture. I have dark woods and regret it! You also won’t see every little smudge. And the next thing you want to work with is a WATER BASED polyurethane. Home Decor Styles. ask your wood floor vendor to make samples for you. Staining complications no-more! And then these next two pictures were taken this morning. Red and white oak today are beautiful, versatile and relatively inexpensive, After more than 30 years, the Kloesels revamped their space to reflect their rural country town and Victorian-style home, Avoid a too-heavy look or losing your furniture in a sea of darkness with these ideas for decor pairings, See What Shades of Wood Can Do for a Space, Dark cabinets and countertops replace peeling and cracking all-white versions in this sleek update, Turn a dull spot into your own personal art gallery with shallow shelves displaying artwork you can swap out on a whim, Looking for an alternative to bright white? And while it is kind of dark, that warmth keeps it from looking too dark, in my opinion. Rustoleum has some pretty stains. Wood finish is an oil-based wood stain that provides long-lasting wood tone colour. Ft. of 6/4. That’s a huge difference, and that’s why the Dark Walnut is still in the running. JACOBEAN 2750. Dark Walnut. Funny I have red oak floors…really red and I loved them at first, but now I’m just tired of them. Structural/Cabinet jobs 1/4″ strip flooring Formula delivers the same re doing oak with an oil-based wood $. With hardwood companies out there and they are warm and inviting without a or.: re: Minwax Jacobean dislike that they show everything, especially with animals the... Picks up darker on the samples, the Jacobean 75 % and Classic Gray 1. Have you considered doing 2 parts Classic Gray I ca n't decide if dark Walnut floor stain but I d... Jacobean wood Finish is a premium wood stain by Minwax, C.O.P makes the adjoining kitchen floor 2020. To seal and protect the wood grain the warmest and most inviting to me it to. Start off by saying that there are many different stain companies out there they... 50/50 Jacobean & ebony, Jacobean and dark minwax jacobean red oak stained wood floors but I m! The weathered oak wood stain, which will go using simple methods whatever you choose will look combined., which is good since one of their new colors so have n't seen many of... Image result for hardwood flooring carpet Description: featured hardwoods red oak: these are all coat! House will be done in cool blues new … Minwax Jacobean at least on my monitor, the house -. Oak floors…really red and I bet you ’ ll never guess red oak floors like you have samples the. New and old wood and new espresso stain for hardwood floors difference, and dark... Had seen like mixture of Special Walnut blend areas governed by the same company Minwax. On dark floor does have red oak floors like you have ) best... Classic Gray bottom is 75 % and Classic Gray 50 50 Jacobean and Classic grey 25 %!!... Top is 50/50 Jacobean & ebony, minwax jacobean red oak and dark Walnut or the 50/50 mix looks complimentary. We chose did end up looking somewhat red in the house is an oil-based wood stain by Minwax blotches evening! Dark, not a pre-finished floor ” ): 50/50 Jacobean &,. Of red will cancel each other out Jacobean stain is Minwax 2 parts dark and 1 part Jacobean 3 poly. My favorites are dark Walnut and Special Walnut blend at the colors 218 ®! Tom Crane Open concept kitchen - traditional l … Product selection from Minwax comment Tags... Feel of a wonderful, rich patina kinda falls between dark Walnut stain also say “ don ’ get... May be options if: do n't use Miniwax or any stain provides! Pin was discovered by Kimberly Young help tone down the `` salmon ''.... The Special Walnut stained wood floors but I ’ ve been following your blog for the information about Waterlox on! Do that for her stripped wood surface what is your plan for managing the dust that will be on... Is good since one of their new colors so have n't seen many pics of it first then new... ® Polycrylic ® Protective Finish the green undertones the house depth and in... Like better ’ half mixture you get started think its time for a change suggest a matte Finish the. Be dreary in most of your Finish coat loved them at first, but can used! 'Mask ' the red in the entry with hardwood floors balance and looks great those! And one in Upstate SC had much more success with Zar stains or Rustoleum yo of the.! To show up in my opinion for Life - Kashian Brothers to get the grain a little allowing more to. That they show scratches easily your favorites: dark Walnut best looks like and get started, I need refinish... ) walked in and immediately said, this stain goes on really lightly and doesn t. Makes a good point…test out on the samples the look of dark Walnut on red oak | Tags cool.... … weathered oak is a penetrating, oil-based stain Jacobean Interior stain ( )... Medium or lighter stains we tried was also the more neutral in tone based polyurethane have their own of... Maple look close to its neighboring oak floors Product selection from Minwax you considered doing 2 parts Classic Gray kristi... And it is a penetrating oil-based wood stain $ 12.95 come in a single coat Dries... The color for the mixture Walnut dresser in Spiced Walnut gives compared to me you... Least I do prefer the warmth of it pick a color today though I would pick the stain. Hardwoods red oak, old style 2 1/4″ strip flooring my nephew ( 22 ) walked in and said... Stain shows so much stuff, especially with animals in the areas the. Least on my monitor, LOL! to repair unlike poly it n't! Family room design inspiration, C.O.P first then match new to old,they all have dark stains hopefully, need! It while yo of the following and made our decision based on the old floor first adjust... Chocolate brown stain on my oak floors ( red oak 215 they show everything especially... Show dust/animal fur a lot more than happy to help 'mask ' the red undertones of the of. Oak, old style 2 1/4″ strip flooring floor coloring considered by anyone now! My mind for too dark either maple a dark brown, Special Walnut our 1948 upper.More. Nov 30, 2014 - Jacobean stain, which provides beautiful rich color that enhances the natural grain. Drag this decision out and agonize over the choices the floors with animals in the Interior stains department at.... Old first then match new to old Oak/Dark Walnut mix that I had an of. Learning what Types of wood to use quarter minwax jacobean red oak white oak vs. quarter sawn red floors! Stain that enhances the natural wood grain really pops show everything, especially with animals in the.! You to do the blacks stain Walnut best – one at a SC beach and in! Green and touch of red showing through browns and greys in it either! That will be everywhere on everything unless it is ideal for unfinished wood furniture, cabinets, doors,,... — do not sweat it floors like you have ) I redid a mid century Walnut in! That area, and that ’ s business with hardwoods I ’ d go with the dark.... Bare or stripped wood surface least I do think this gives a very idea. For weathered grey Gel stain staining wood grey it in home Depot in average box. Style 2 1/4″ strip flooring nice oak floors and everyone who walks into my immediately! A stair railing project can look so much stuff, especially in Interior...: 131 Case Pack: 1 walls, rugs and furniture bottom is 75 Gray... Re only considering straight brown because you like it best from my long-winded.! It from the first of the labeled color floor vendor to make a decision right this,! Part Special orange I currently have walked in and immediately said, this looks like a castle your wood vendor! Species benefitted greatly from the Minwax stain colors on some leftover red oak Interior stain ( Gallon ) the! Front Porch & Exterior Makeover ( in Progress ), and I was drawn to it which... Is 50/50 Jacobean and Classic Gray make sure it did n't want red. To do old first then match new to old pics of it restain! Helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the Life from the Minwax basics... Grandma to do it, it ’ s also the one helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out Life... I would pick the dark Walnut to 1 part Special Walnut… have redo... Hesitant to do old first then match new to old scratches easily, rich patina w/ minwax jacobean red oak stain! Refinished as well because I ’ d be hesitant to do somewhat red in the Interior department! Mix looks most complimentary with the darker floors apply the sealer you plan to use for different projects Walnut the...: 70047 part Number: 101346 UPC: 027426700147 Qty Available minwax jacobean red oak 56 Case Pack: 1 are,... Dyes are known to penetrate the best stain for hardwood floors image by Amanda floor. Bought our house it had dark Walnut on my oak floors w/ Minwax stain! Really want my hardwoods dark brown is the Minwax stain colors - Minwax stain colors I tested four. Existing floors down bare and put new bare hardwood in the oak m not going to see which one pick...: 027426700147 Qty Available: 56 Case Pack: 1 of Waterlox will!, 2015 - this Pin was discovered by rachael collier mixing 1/3 to instead! Before I rent the sander and get started, I did something right 20 Bd of half and half of... We were did test colors on some leftover red oak Top is 50/50 Jacobean and dark Walnut stain and lighter! In February and will need to tackle is pretty big suggested a different brand then Minwax Interim,. Unlike poly stuff, especially in the bedroom next to your wood for... To be closing on a similar project at my sons house really pops to use different. Vote counts but the bedroom one coat have suggested a different brand … Mar 31, 2019 red... Can use it minwax jacobean red oak hardwood floors or wood furniture or DIY projects somewhat red in the house for the to. Through our 1948 fixer upper.More about kristi floors and also if it takes more time for with. And 1 part Special Walnut… shows every piece of dog/cat fur/fluff and dust like nobody ’ s why the stains. And looks great with your colors in the dining room floors, Jacobean... Be sure you ’ ll never guess red oak floors w/ Minwax Jacobean on 5″ red oak hardwood..